"On a scale from one to ten, Isabella is a twelve"

The ideal companion is a flawless blend of intimacy, beauty and eroticism. She is a sensual master at combining these three, rare traits to create an encounter that is unparalleled. And when she pours her heart and soul into the experience, you will have discovered a pearl. She is a goddess, a heavenly embodiment of the perfect girl friend experience that you have yet to fathom.

When we are together, you will feel a warm and soothing sensation of familiarity, a chemistry so deep that it is almost disconcerting. Have we met? Were we once involved? These are the questions that you may ask yourself until you embrace the truth that I really am your absolute companion. 

It is my charismatic personality complimented by my exotic, Hispanic beauty that will electrify you and my warm, enticing smile that will make you quiver. But when we kiss, oh, when we kiss, sizzling sparks of newness will erupt into a euphoric delirium and our bodies will fuse with the fire of young lovers. 

As we get to know one another, all limits will be broken as we reach new erotic frontiers that will leave you drunk with ecstasy. You will find yourself wanting to spend more and more time with me. What is more romantic than a walk on the beach on a quiet, Sunday morning? Or enjoying an exciting sporting event with a hottie by your side? Or listening to soulful live music that we both enjoy.  Do you love dining at an elegant restaurant followed by a dip in the jacuzzi at midnight? Or taking long, lazy walks in the city shopping and lunching? I love it all...Especially with you!

It is a rare and priceless luxury to feel so completely whole, peaceful and fulfilled in the company of a lady. These are my gifts to you.

Take this time to enjoy learning about me and fantasizing through my website - this is just the beginning of our Erotic Adventure.

Passionate Kisses,


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